Utilising over 12 years of Physiotherapy experience and skills, we've put up the essentials for learning best practices in Manual Handling for your PCA / Aged Care Sector staff. Practical Video demonstrations, explanations, and Modules are included in the course to guarantee that your employees have a complete understanding of Manual Handling.

At Total Health Physio we pride ourselves on delivering quality training and this is reflected in the feedback we receive from our participants.

Recently we delivered manual handling training to a cohort of volunteers and we had really strong feedback, particularly highlighting how engaging the participants found the training to be.

We find care staff are appreciative of this training, as it is an investment into their wellbeing and knowledge whilst performing their duties.

Hi, I’m Sherrie

I established Total Health Physio in 2011 with specific emphasis on providing a warm, personal physiotherapy experience for elderly and less mobile individuals in the comfort of their home.

My passion has always been to help those in need and THP’s values of Trust, Compassion and Care are also the values I abide by in my personal life.

I graduated from La Trobe University in 2003 and worked in private practice. Whilst I loved working as a Physiotherapist I felt that I needed to find a purpose and founded Total Health Physio as I felt that working with vulnerable people meant I could really make a difference to their quality of life by developing meaningful relationships and providing outstanding care.

My purpose is to ensure each member of my team goes above and beyond patient expectations to achieve the desired outcome. I love the notion of my team putting a smile on the faces of their patients while helping them achieve their functional goals through rehabilitation.